Issues and Crisis Management

sleevesWe work in partnership with clients to identify key issues which require management and tailored solutions.

Perception Partners co-ordinates project strategy and designs all necessary internal and external communication.

Media Management

cameraPerception Partners will work to identify key media to foster and improve your relationships.

We tailor campaigns to suit your specific needs and meet your goals.

Media Training

Effective media management is now core business.

Perception Partners works with and guides senior executives in career development programs which will improve the profile of individuals and corporates.

Community Consultation

Perception Partners is experienced at identifying corporate issues which will impact on relationships with the community.

We will build public support for initiatives and projects.

Regional Public Relations

Regional Media presents particular challenges for companies expanding their operations into Rural Australia.

This section of the media is charterised by a strong local perpective which demands carefully crafted messages and themes.

Perception Partners understands the unique demands of Regional journalists and news outlets. Further, we have significant experience in assisting our national clients achieve positive local coverage.

Speech and Presentation Training

meetingCorporate presentations are an important part of every company’s communications strategy.

A poor presentation in a public forum can seriously damage the wider perceptions of a company and its management team.

Perception Partners works with senior members of executive teams to combine strong verbal messages with sophisticated power point presentations.